Self-Help for Adult ADD/ADHD

3 winter self care tips for mental health

A person with adult ADD/ADHD can benefit from implementing some lifestyle change strategies for a more efficient and productive everyday life.  Some of these lifestyle changes are:

Regular exercise:  20-30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week can help release energy, promote an overall sense of well-being and improve your health dramatically.  It also helps to release stress in a positive way and can aid in relieving depression and anxiety.

Get enough sleep for your body:  although each person requires a different amount of sleep, it is important to realize the amount you need and make sure you are getting enough each night.  Tiredness can exacerbate stress and make tasks much more difficult to complete.

Time management: Set deadlines for every task and stick to them.  Utilize the calendar on your smartphone and set reminders for yourself. Don’t let tasks build-up, as this may encourage procrastination by making the tasks seem overwhelming.

Write things down:  Writing down tasks will help you to remember them.  Keep a planner with you at all times and make lists.

Though lifestyle changes may help ADD/ADHD symptoms, if you believe you may have ADD/ADHD, seek a professional evaluation and treatment.  Adult ADD/ADHD can be treated effectively.