Child/Teen Mental Health

10Mar 2017

GLPG therapist Theresa K. Cooke MA, LMSW, LLP provides 10 helpful ways to ease the challenging task of enforcing consequences for your child’s behavior: Be consistent Children need to trust that what you say is what you will do. This builds a sense of security and predictability so they are able to parent themselves in your absence. Realistic and […]

19Aug 2016

GLPG clinician Tanya Tietema, MA, LLP answers some common questions and misconceptions about divorce and how the decision may impact your children. Although there is no foolproof way to ensure you are making the right decision on whether or not to stay married, by taking your time and using the strategies below, both you and your children will have […]

14Oct 2015

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can drastically interfere with the ability to succeed in school or at work, and even in personal relationships. Especially for young adults and children, these disorders can be particularly frustrating as they serve as gateways for additional problems; nearly 80 percent of kids who were never diagnosed and treated […]

13Apr 2014

Everyone, to some degree, can benefit from therapy.  In many ways, children and teens are the best candidates for to see a psychologist or counselor.  By addressing emotional issues and developmental issues early on, children and adolescents are able to learn problem-solving, the importance of seeking help, stress management, and proper emotional and behavioral responses. […]