Mental Health

26Oct 2016

Great Lakes Psychology Group is happy to announce the opening of their Grand Blanc location! Great Lakes Psychology Group has opened their seventh psychology group practice in Grand Blanc, Michigan, extending their services in marriage counseling, child behavioral issues and treatment of mood disorders to the surrounding community. The new office opened in August of 2016, and is […]

29Jun 2016

GLPG clinician Beth Atwell, MA, LPC Trauma happens to everyone, therefore anyone can go to trauma therapy– even young children. There are therapeutic techniques that can be beneficial even if children aren’t at the point of being able to talk about their trauma. It is beneficial for treatment to be sought when a trauma takes place. […]

08Apr 2016

By: GLPG Dearborn Psychologist Noorayne Norene E. Chevalier, MA, LLP, CAC II, CGC, CCC   Maybe you have never been to counseling, and haven’t considered it as the first step to take to improve your life. Ask yourself: Are you feeling stuck with a specific issue, whether it be something you keep bringing up in your mind or […]

28Jan 2016

With the busy nature of the world we live in today, it is easy to forget about ourselves as a priority in our lives; spending time on making sure your loved ones have everything they need, we can easily overlook taking time to make sure we are taken care of. This practice of maintaining our well-being is […]

30Dec 2015

Eight out of ten people considering suicide give some sign of their intentions. People who talk about suicide, threaten suicide, or call suicide crisis centers are 30 times more likely to kill themselves (MHA). Why Would Someone Attempt Suicide? An attempt at suicide is a direct sign that something is going immensely wrong in someone’s life. It […]

23Dec 2015

In today’s world, the of spending hundreds of dollars on tangible and material items is far more justifiable than using that money on oneself by means of maintaining one’s mental health, or the mental health of a loved one. Why? “After all, people want to be happy. We want to reach goals. We want to […]