Running a private practice is hard. We make it easy.

Practice Compensation Profiles

New Practice 20 Patients per Week

Established Practice (20-25)20-25 Patients per Week

Established Practice (31+)31+ Patients per Week

Freedom and flexibility. High earning potential.

An independent practice with Great Lakes Psychology Group can provide the freedom and satisfaction you've been dreaming about. We'll take care of all the hassles of operating a practice so you can focus on your patients and build a thriving practice. With incredible earning potential and a fee split of up to 80%, a full-time clinician can earn over $100,000 per year.

Cutting edge technology. Easy online documentation.

With electronic medical records accessible from anywhere, fast electronic billing, and immediate online access to our administrative and billing staff, you'll find it easy to grow and manage your practice with Great Lakes Psychology Group.

The premium private practice experience.

With premium insurance reimbursement fees and minimal participation with managed care programs, you can keep your income potential high and avoid excessive paperwork. Enjoy consistent, high quailty, office space with high-volume referrals.