Chronic Overworking In Michigan

Chronic overworking and stress

Do you have a hard time turning down requests for your help even when you already feel like you have too many commitments? Do you often miss out on opportunities to spend time with people you love, engage in leisure activities, or pursue your interests outside of your obligations because you are working? Working hard and honoring your commitments is a noble trait, and there is nothing wrong with giving your all to your job, per se.

However, if you find yourself turning to work to avoid difficulties like confronting challenging thoughts and emotions, it may be worth paying attention to when and why you choose to overwork yourself. That is, any time we use something as a distraction or a crutch, we put ourselves at risk for becoming, in a way, obsessed with it. Additionally, chronic overworking and chronic stress often go hand in hand.

You’ve heard it before: stress is bad for you. However, in a society that values and rewards success and competition over self-care and balance, it is essentially considered the norm for most Americans to be stressed much of the time. At the same time, most people seem to know that stress is unhealthy, and major industries in our society revolve around stress-relief. In turn, many people end up feeling stressed that they’re not doing enough to de-stress, and so it goes.

Many people with chronic stress report “getting used to” feeling stressed, and thus accepting it as their natural state. However, consider these tidbits: chronic stress makes you more vulnerable to depression, anxiety, self-harm and has also been linked to higher risk for heart disease, greater difficulty recovering emotionally from life stressors, and greater difficulty recovering physically from injury or surgery.

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