Does insurance cover marriage counseling?

While most insurance companies will state that they do not cover marriage counseling, what is meant is that they do not cover relationship enhancement; that is, therapy that is solely intended to improve communication or enhance the quality of the marital relationship. However, in most cases, simple marital enhancement is not enough for couples in distress. Indeed, most frequently at least one, and sometimes both members of the couple are suffering deeply as a result of the tension, conflict, and emotional alienation that so often characterizes marital distress. In cases such as these, counseling that is aimed at relieving this suffering by addressing the source of the problem, the conflicted marital relationship, can be billed to and paid for using the mental health benefits included in most health insurance plans. When this is not the case (both partners are free of any emotional distress arising out of the marital problem), the couple can pay out of pocket without using insurance. Many therapists at Great Lakes Psychology Group are willing to negotiate an out of pocket cash rate that is affordable.

If you are interested in couples counseling but are concerned about your insurance coverage, the first step is to determine whether your health benefits include coverage for counseling. You can reach our insurance specialists at (800) 693-1916, via chat on our website at, or by completing this form. Once it is determined that you have coverage for counseling, we recommend that you meet with one of our marriage counselors for an evaluation, after which your counselor will review your insurance coverage and address any other questions or concerns.

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