Increasing Security and Love in Couple Relationships – An Introduction to EFCT

This is a free class geared towards couple and marital relationships. The free class offers an introduction to and sample of both Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT) and the upcoming Hold Me Tight workshop, based on the book by the same name and written by Susan Johnson, the developer of EFCT.

Over 20 years of empirical research on EFCT find that 90-75% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% of all couples show significant improvement. Goals of EFCT include expanding and reorganizing emotional responses between partners, creating a shift in each partner’s interactional positions and perspectives allowing the couple to create new cycles, interactions, and perspectives, and fostering the creation of a secure bond within couples.

The one-hour class will help participants understand the concepts of EFCT and offers a clear path to reducing distress in couple and marital relationships. There will be a short exercise to help participants appreciate how important it is to nurture love and bonding within relationships and class participants will discuss how love can flourish throughout the years. The example used in the free class is taken from the upcoming Hold Me Tight workshop. These exercises are private interactions with your partner that validate and reinforce what you have learned in the class.

This introduction to the benefits of EFCT shows participants that when we feel secure with our partners, we can be more loving, independent and kinder. It helps us to be better partners, better parents and more successful members of our community.

Please note: this introductory free class is not therapy and is informational/educational only. Participants may choose to attend this class only, seek further information about therapy and EFCT, and/or participate in the upcoming Hold Me Tight Workshop (Dates: Saturday, April 18 and May 2).