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Therapist Spotlight: Christie Mikell, PsyD

Cmikell Ts

As a therapist at our Shelby Twp location, what challenges do you specialize in treating?

My graduate training is in child and adolescent psychology, with a special interest in child and family trauma. I enjoy working with families and coaching parents on appropriate parenting and discipline interventions. I also enjoy working with young adults and assisting individuals of all ages in developing healthy and satisfying interpersonal relationships.

What do you find is most important about your role as a therapist?

More than anything, I believe that a therapist can point out patterns or themes that individuals are unaware of. Even the most thoughtful and insightful individuals need another person that can give them a perspective that they aren’t able to see initially. Once a therapist sheds light onto unconscious patterns or relational themes in a someone’s life, the individual is then better equipped to solve their own problems.

In your opinion, how do you help people?

I think that I am able to help my clients by empathizing with their emotional experiences and genuinely working hard to understand them. There is no limit to how helpful it can be for an individual to feel heard and understood by another person.

What is something that you wish people knew about your specialties, or about therapy in general?

I wish that individuals would more fully embrace therapy without fear of stigma or labels. I have seen therapy have such a wonderful impact on people’s lives, and it is not just reserved for those that are ‘mentally ill’ or have a DSM5 diagnosis.

Can you describe an influential person or experience in your life?

On a professional level, I have been profoundly impacted by the research and writing of Brene Brown. Her work on shame and vulnerability and how we can all live more authentic lives has been truly inspiring to me. I recommend her books to all my clients!

Christie Mikell works at our Shelby Twp Great Lakes Psychology Group Location. To learn more about her, please visit her therapist profile. For more information about our Shelby Twp location, please visit our location page.

Christie Mikell, PsyD