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Therapist Spotlight: Mike Desmarais, MA, LPC

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As a therapist at our Clinton Twp location, what challenges do you specialize in treating?

I specialize in two major areas, helping individuals overcome Anxiety Disorders and related mental health difficulties, as well as helping couples overcome marital dissatisfaction, conflict, and co-dependency.

What do you find is most important about your role as a therapist?

The most important role of an effective therapist is the ability to express feelings and emotions well. A good therapist is astute at sensing what other people are thinking and feeling. In relation to their clients, we show warmth and acceptance, empathy, and a focus on others, not ourselves.

In your opinion, how do you help people?

I feel that I am most helpful when I am being my true, authentic self to others, and when I can convey to a client that I am genuinely interested and invested in their own improvement. It is essential in therapy that the therapist not only addresses the client’s symptoms but also focuses on the underlying problems causing those symptoms.

What is something that you wish people knew about your specialties, or about therapy in general?

I wish it was more generally known that none of us are exempt from the problems and stressors that life provides. At some point and time we all need to focus on our environment and the impact it plays on our own well being, mental, and physical health. No one is meant to navigate life alone, and we should not feel a stigma for seeking assistance.

Can you describe an influential person or experience in your life?

An influential person in my life would be Irvin Yalom, a well known and respected psychotherapist, professor, and author. I feel that I identify with his approach and beliefs regarding the process of therapy, as well as his views on people as a whole. An influential experience in my life would be my own struggle with anxiety as a child. I struggled with difficulties and through psychotherapy was able to overcome those difficulties and be a stronger person as a therapist and helper.

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Mike Desmarais, MA, LPC