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Brandi Asher LMSW

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We all go through difficult times and need support from time to time. I work with people of all ages as they go through life's inevitable bumps in the road, whether it's a loss, feelings of sadness/depression, anxiety, or other adjustment issues. I will help you find effective, realistic ways to approach problems in order to solve them. I prefer to deal with the issue, rather than worry about a "diagnosis", with a focus on your own identified goals for wellness. Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy!

I have specialized training in anxiety, trauma, and PTSD


I work with children and adults who have suffered various stressors and traumas: abuse, neglect, loss (divorce/death), etc. I also specialize in children and adolescents dealing with environmental and family difficulties. I am an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and have experience providing support in addressing various stressors and traumas related to gender identification and sexual orientation.