David Waxer, LLP

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David Waxer helps you relieve emotional and relationship pain, increase hopefulness, access the power to change and to take practical, effective steps to move forward in your life.

He brings many years of clinical experience and works with adults, families, children and couples. Sometimes he points out strengths and accomplishments you haven't recognized and sometimes, he compassionately identifies actions and reactions that lead to problems or pain. Always, he is a strong ally and advocate for your well being and success.

For couples David teaches and demonstrates effective communications to help you re-experience the close connection that has been weakened or lost. He helps you learn to connect with your partner while also maintaining your individuality. He also works with divorced parents who must share parenting after the relationship has ended.

If you are a young adult or teen trying to find your way in the world of work and love; if you're older and trying to come to terms with your recent or childhood past; if you are any age looking for more meaning and fulfillment (within or outside of traditional religious or spirtual traditions), David brings his skills to your unique situation.

Whether you face depression, anxiety, confusion, subtance abuse, family or work challenges, he brings a deep respect and caring along with a practical approach to help you start taking action and feeling better. He uses the latest information from mind-body research to help you as a whole person, and has studied with some of the most innovative therapists and trainers.

Accepted Insurance

  • Aetna/Cofinity
  • BCBS
  • BCN
  • HAP
  • MultiPlan
  • Ulliance EAP
We verify your insurance benefits and will provide you with a cost estimate prior to your first session.