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Donna Weinstein, PhD

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Life is all about change. We can feel that we are the masters of our existence and on top of the world and then life throws us a curve ball and we question where we are, how we got there and what we do next. I am here to help you during these times. I have extensive experience working with families in life transitions. I worked in the Oakland County Youth Assistance program for 14 years helping children and their parents with problems in school, home, social and community settings. I established an anti-bullying program that ran in 17 classrooms in Madison Heights. I have developed and facilitated programs in high schools to help students gain success through better time management. Over the years I also worked in Independent, Assisted Living and Nursing Home environments to aid families to better understand their loved ones and help those adults acclimate to their new living environment.

I hold a Ph.D. in Education with a major in Counseling from Oakland University. I also completed 30 hours in the specialization for Couple and Family Counseling. My training was further augmented through participation in Oakland County’s Mediation training. I have devoted my professional career to helping others and I would be honored to stand with you and help you during your challenging times.