Nicole Friedlaender, MA

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My objective as a therapist is to help you function at your full potential. I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy, whether you’re looking for relief from specific debilitating symptoms, you’re feeling “off”, lost and stuck, or if you’re seeking greater meaning in life.

I approach treatment through an integrative lens, with an emphasis on psychodynamic, existentialist, humanistic, cognitive, and family systems methods. I value insight, as I believe that building awareness of lifestyle patterns can aid in dealing with current issues as well as prepare for future ones. I value the exploration of cognitive processes because I believe that the way we think about things can shape how we feel and how we behave. I also value the therapeutic relationship as a powerful mechanism of healing and change; the experience of having someone listen to you and validate your feelings can be curative in itself. I strive to understand the world through your eyes and provide a space for you to process your thoughts and emotions and to workshop your ideas. I will help you tap into your inner knowledge and strengths as well as teach you skills that will aid you in carving out a satisfying life.

I received my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Wayne State University and I am currently licensed as a T.L.L.P. (temporary limited license psychologist). In my program, we emphasized Family Systems therapy, which centers on relationships and interactions between individuals. The Family Systems approach can be applied to individual psychotherapy, as we are all members of relational systems that impact us. I think this is a useful framework for treatment because dealing with issues stemming from relationships can enhance life overall.

I treat individuals and couples dealing with intimacy, fidelity, communication, and overall relationship issues who wish to improve their personal and interpersonal functioning. I treat adolescents and adults dealing with issues concerning identity formation and independence, family boundary issues, family communication, addicted family systems, and trust issues. I also treat adolescents and adults dealing generally with mood, trauma, and personality disorder-related symptoms including anxiety, depression, obsessions, and anger. I specialize in issues related to disordered eating and out of control sexual behaviors.   

Accepted Insurance

  • Aetna/Cofinity
  • BCBS
We verify your insurance benefits and will provide you with a cost estimate prior to your first session.