26Oct 2016

Great Lakes Psychology Group is happy to announce the opening of their Grand Blanc location! Great Lakes Psychology Group has opened their seventh psychology group practice in Grand Blanc, Michigan, extending their services in marriage counseling, child behavioral issues and treatment of mood disorders to the surrounding community. The new office opened in August of 2016, and is […]

13Sep 2016

GLPG Clinician Shari Slebodnik, LLP, PhD Candidate   Anatomical Sex vs. Gender Identity Even before a child is born, most people are curious as to whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Pregnant women and their partners hear far too often, “What are you having?” The baby shower is themed in colors associated […]

19Aug 2016

GLPG clinician Tanya Tietema, MA, LLP answers some common questions & misconceptions about deciding to divorce and how the decision can impact your children.   Divorce or stay together? Parents often believe the golden rule is: “We have to stay together for the kids.” There are a lot of statistics to show that divorce causes negative effects on kids; however […]

29Jun 2016

GLPG clinician Beth Atwell, MA, LPC Trauma happens to everyone, therefore anyone can go to trauma therapy– even young children. There are therapeutic techniques that can be beneficial even if children aren’t at the point of being able to talk about their trauma. It is beneficial for treatment to be sought when a trauma takes place. […]

16Jun 2016

By GLPG Therapist Angie Reynolds, MA, LPC As a clinician working with women I see a variety of therapeutic issues ranging from: anxiety and depression, identity struggles, relationship issues, post-partum depression, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, self-harming, sexism and oppression, and issues related to motherhood or becoming a mother. Women are more likely […]