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Angela Reynolds, MA, LPC
Selwyn  Swanston , MA. LPC
Rebecca Longstreet, MA, LPC, NCC
Debra Kuszmaul MA LPC NCC CAADC
Basma Haddad, MA, LLP, CAADC

Welcome to Great Lakes Psychology Group

Great Lakes Psychology Group (GLPG) was founded in 2011 in Clarkston, Michigan by a small group of therapists passionate about helping others. Today, with seven locations and over 70 dedicated therapists, GLPG has developed into the Detroit metro area’s fastest-growing provider of high-quality outpatient mental health and substance abuse behavioral health care. GLPG values innovation, progress, effectiveness, and quality in its delivery of behavioral health services to the communities of Southeastern Michigan.

Marriage Counseling and Therapy in Michigan

The mission of Great Lakes Psychology Group is to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of the clients we serve by providing high quality and compassionate treatment. GLPG believes effective therapy requires collaboration, continuing education and training, and services that are scientifically sound and grounded in established theory. The group contributes to the communities in which it serves by supporting schools, parents, and other professionals in the community through education, consultation and free classes.

GLPG Clinician Shari Slebodnik, LLP, PhD Candidate   Anatomical Sex vs. Gender Identity Even before a child is born, most people are curious as to whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Pregnant women and their partners hear far too often, “What are you having?” The baby shower is themed in colors associated […]

GLPG clinician Beth Atwell, MA, LPC Trauma happens to everyone, therefore anyone can go to trauma therapy– even young children. There are therapeutic techniques that can be beneficial even if children aren’t at the point of being able to talk about their trauma. It is beneficial for treatment to be sought when a trauma takes place. […]