Great Lakes Psychology Group

Providing the support
needed to help you grow

In 2011, Great Lakes Psychology Group was founded and consisted of a single office with a small group of therapists who shared a passion for helping others. Today, with multiple locations in multiple states and hundreds of therapists, it has grown into one of the largest providers of outpatient behavioral and mental health care in the Midwest.

Team & Specialties

At GLPG, we value helping our clients find the right therapist for them. Therapy is not one-size-fits-all, which is why our network of therapists consists of doctoral and master’s level psychologists, social workers, counselors, and marriage and family therapists to fit a wide range of problem areas.

Our network of licensed professionals make knowledgeable assessments and provide evidence-based treatments to help those struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, stress, eating disorders, abuse, chronic pain, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and much more. With a diverse team of specialists, we are committing to helping our clients find the perfect fit.


We provide counseling for individuals of all ages, couples, and families. Our therapy options include both in-office and online sessions. Along with providing therapy services, we also offer comprehensive psychological testing and diagnostic evaluation of couples, families, and individuals of all ages.

Booking an appointment is made easy with an online scheduling form or by calling a live scheduling assistant during operation hours at 800-693-1916. We accept most insurance providers and offer flexible payment plans whether you use insurance or pay out-of-pocket.


As we grow, we are continually expanding our coordination of care with outside professionals for the betterment of our clients. Providing top-quality care for those we serve is our highest priority and toward that goal, we coordinate care with physicians, school counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, learning/youth centers, faith-based groups, and more.

We put patient wellbeing at the forefront of our operations. Our innovative outlets for help, along with our transparency and compassion, allows for a quick road to recovery with whatever hardship life throws your way.

Dr. Richard Kneip, PhD, President and Founder