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Counseling in DuPage County, IL

Finding quality mental health care is now closer to home than ever before. Residents of DuPage County, Illinois are only a stones toss away from Great Lakes Psychology Group’s Aurora location. GLPG’s therapy services are located at 1444 N. Farnsworth Ave., Suite 303 Aurora, IL 60505, making it roughly a half an hour drive from even the furthest DuPage County neighborhood.

DuPage County has seen high numbers of mental health needs in the past years, with 2012 yielding 21% of emergency room visits relating to anxiety, panic attacks, and acute stress diagnoses alone. The skilled counselors and psychologists from the GLPG network are trying to change that, making mental health care more accessible, more compassionate, and more individualized to your needs.

If you or your loved one is in need of mental health care in DuPage County, contact GLPG today. We offer semi-private waiting rooms, convenient appointments, and the option to verify insurance online.

For questions, to schedule an appointment, or to find other nearby locations, contact us today at 1 (888) 345-3561.

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