Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is described as persistent pain signals in the nervous system that can last anywhere from weeks to years.


According to the Institute of Medicine, more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Whether caused by inflammation, dysfunctional nerves, an injury or illness, or any other condition, chronic pain is not only physically painful to the sufferer but may be associated with emotional and psychological pain as well.

Pain is meant to be a temporary signal from the body to alert the brain of injury or inflammation; however, chronic pain is more complicated, in that the pain continues despite no obvious injury or illness. With continued pain, sufferers of chronic pain often feel hopeless, angry, anxious, or sad. While medical treatments such as physical therapy, medication, or surgery can be helpful in treating chronic pain, it is important to remember that pain includes not only physical but also emotional and psychological components. Thus, a holistic approach to treating chronic pain including both medical and psychological treatments will likely benefit the sufferer above and beyond medical treatment alone.

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