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You don't have to manage your anxiety alone.

An estimated 40 million adults or 18.1 percent of the U.S. population are affected by anxiety. Although common, the symptoms of anxiety can be very isolating. The thought of discussing your concerns with another person by way of anxiety therapy can feel overwhelming. The persistent thought of something going wrong can negatively impact your relationships, career, and emotional and physical health. If you do decide that anxiety treatment in Naperville is right for you, we look forward to helping you manage your symptoms and getting you back to enjoying everyday life. We've seen the success that counseling for anxiety can bring and hope to provide the same outcome for you.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Avoiding situations that cause worry Chronic fatigue Constantly feeling nervous or restless Difficulty sleeping Gastrointestinal problems Increased breathing and heart rate

Begin your journey to a happier you.

Ignoring the symptoms of anxiety will not make them go away. In many cases, the symptoms can get worse. Fortunately, our anxiety therapists in Naperville have effective methods to treat anxiety for long term success. Our network of compassionate therapists is trained with advanced techniques for recognizing and overcoming anxiety. Many clients will notice an improvement in their anxiety symptoms in just a few sessions. Learn what anxiety counseling in Naperville can do for you.

Did you know?

There are variations of anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder, and PTSD. Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety than men, as their fight-or-flight response remains activated for longer periods. Anxiety disorders have a biological basis and can run in the family.

You are not alone in your anxiety.

Nearly 40 million adults in the United States suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. Researchers have recently come to believe that anxiety stems from a blend of genetics, environmental surroundings, and changes in the neural activity of our brains. The brain cells located in the hippocampus, the part of our brain that is associated with memory, emotion, and motivation, are more active during times of extreme stress. Over time and with increased exposure to stressors, these neurons are thought to change and cultivate what we know as anxiety.

All hope is not lost.

Does this mean we are stuck with anxiety? Clinical research and modern therapy say no. There are a number of effective tools and counseling options to provide relief to those suffering from anxiety, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, stress management, and mindfulness techniques.

We can help.

Discover your calm with our help. Great Lakes Psychology Group has a network of licensed counselors, psychologists, and therapists who specialize in anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. We are dedicated to helping you find relief and take back control.

If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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    • Insurance Accepted
    • Flexible Payment Plans
    • Online Therapy Available