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Emotional support to combat physical pain.

Living with chronic pain or illness not only limits your physical ability but can also significantly impact your mental health in a negative way. Many emotional symptoms accompany chronic pain. If you fear your chronic pain has led to any of the symptoms stated below, our therapists can help. Pursuing help from a licensed counselor offers a unique way of combatting the damaging effects of your chronic condition that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Learn the benefits of our pain therapy in Naperville and get started on your road to healing today.

Common Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Feelings of depression and irritability Difficulty sleeping Pain in bones, muscles, or nerves Loss of energy Feelings of guilt or shame Pins and needles sensation

You don’t have to endure this alone. 

Physical pain often extends further than the body. Isolation from friends and family and being limited on what you can and cannot do for yourself creates emotional pain that comes along with your chronic condition. Our chronic pain treatment in Naperville can help you realize your abilities may not be as limited as you may think. There may be a new way of doing something you’ve done before, or, finding a new activity, hobby, or craft that keeps your mind and soul productive. Over the years, therapy has evolved to treat the mind and body as one and our licensed therapists are trained in those techniques.

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Did you know?

About 20% (50 million) of the U.S. population deals with chronic pain in some form. Chronic pain is the number one reason for disability in the U.S. People with chronic pain are more at risk for depression.

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    Our Naperville therapists partner with insurances and neighboring healthcare providers in the community to ensure your counseling needs are met in the most efficient way possible. Regardless of your insurance or financial situation, we have flexible payment plans in place so that nothing can stop you from getting the help you or your loved one needs.

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