ADD/ADHD Counseling in Schaumburg

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We can provide resources for success.

Our counselors work with you or your loved one to learn, identify, and overcome challenges. A therapist has the ability to help clients gain clarity and focus at a pace that works for them. The symptoms of ADD/ADHD shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving their goals. We want to help our clients get started on their road to success.

Manage your symptoms with our help.

The symptoms of ADD and ADHD can act as barriers to both academic and career success. These are real disorders that can have a major impact on everyday life if the appropriate help is not sought out. Seeking treatment can not only help to improve focus but can also allow anyone to overcome the many challenges they may be facing.

Symptoms of ADD / ADHD

Difficulty focusing Disorganization Trouble remembering details Impulsive behavior Lack of patience Poor listening skills

Did you know?

The number of children diagnosed with ADHD has increased by 42% in the last 8 years. Boys are 3 times more likely to receive a diagnosis of ADHD than girls. The symptoms of ADD / ADHD tend to begin around the age of 7.

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    Our Schaumburg therapists partner with insurances and neighboring healthcare providers in the community to ensure your counseling needs are met in the most efficient way possible. Regardless of your insurance or financial situation, we have flexible payment plans in place so that nothing can stop you from getting the help you or your loved one needs.

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