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Anxiety steals your joy.

Anxiety and fear are hard-wired mechanisms meant to motivate us to avoid negative consequences. The problem is that too often, we feel anxious and fearful in situations that are actually neutral or even positive.

The good news is that anxiety is treatable: evidence-based interventions have shown great success in reducing symptoms of anxiety and fear. Great Lakes Psychology Group in Grand Rapids offers anxiety counseling both online and in-person.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Avoiding situations that cause worry Chronic fatigue Constantly feeling nervous or restless Difficulty sleeping Gastrointestinal problems Increased breathing and heart rate

Begin your journey to a happier you.

Ignoring the symptoms of anxiety will not make them go away. In many cases, the symptoms can get worse. Fortunately, our anxiety therapists in Grand Rapids have effective methods to treat anxiety for long term success. Our network of compassionate therapists and psychologists are trained with advanced techniques for recognizing and overcoming anxiety. Many clients will notice an improvement in their anxiety symptoms and overall mental health in just a few sessions.

Did you know?

There are variations of anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder, and PTSD. Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety than men, as their fight-or-flight response remains activated for longer periods. Anxiety disorders have a biological basis and can run in the family.

Anxiety can manifest in many ways, and it looks different from person to person. Some people suffering from anxiety may feel most anxious in specific environments, like social situations or in public places. Others may struggle most with constant worry which they find difficult to control about a long list of possible negative outcomes. Some suffer from specific phobias that make it difficult to function in their daily lives. Others suffer from recurrent panic attacks which ultimately leave them in constant fear of the next attack.

Treatment for anxiety often includes learning effective relaxation strategies to calm the tension often associated with anxiety. You will also learn strategies for managing worry so you can be present and focus on the here-and-now.

Beyond being a resource for learning helpful strategies, counseling provides a safe and comforting space to speak freely about your worries and fears without judgment. Anxiety counselors from the Great Lakes Psychology Group network in Grand Rapids are trained and experienced in helping their clients overcome their challenges with anxiety so they can reclaim their joy.

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    Our network of Grand Rapids therapists partner with all major insurances and neighboring healthcare providers in the community to ensure your counseling needs are met in the most efficient way possible. Regardless of your insurance or financial situation, we have flexible payment plans in place so that nothing can stop you from getting the quality care you deserve.

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    • Insurance Accepted
    • Flexible Payment Plans
    • Online Therapy Available