Family Counseling in Novi

There are many issues that create true dysfunction within a family, but you do not have to operate at a disadvantage. Family counseling is available in Novi, it’s a wonderful first step in creating family harmony.

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Combining unique personalities and competing dynamics in a single household can be challenging at best. With several communication styles and individual expectations, it is often difficult to achieve an environment where every family member feels understood, accepted, or respected. Family therapy is a useful tool in creating a nurturing place to learn effective communication strategies without feeling attacked, as well as address underlying resentments and promote healing.

Situations requiring the blending of two families can be especially delicate for everyone involved. For children, it’s not always easy to accept a new step-parent into the fold, which may manifest in acting out through undesirable behaviors. At the same time, blending two parenting styles has the potential to cause conflict. The best way to address family conflict is by working with a family counselor who can help identify current challenges, as well as create goals and effective communication strategies going forward.

Is your family experiencing one or more of the following?

  • Constant Conflict
  • Verbal/non-verbal Aggression
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Remarriage
  • Emotional Distance
  • Parental Alienation
  • Conflicting Communication Styles

It’s true what they say about children not coming with a manual. If they did, parents would have a much easier time identifying ways to meet their child’s every need. If you find yourself struggling with the complexity of a parent/child relationship, we welcome the opportunity to assist you and your child in creating a happy, harmonious life together.

Relationships, especially those with family members, are often crafted by complex layers. GLPG counselors who specialize in family relationships can help you peel back those layers and help you sort through the barriers, both large and small, to propel your relationship on a positive path forward.

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