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PTSD Counseling in Okemos

If you hold a jug of water in your hand for a few seconds, it doesn’t typically cause much discomfort.

Hold that same jug of water for hours, days, weeks, or even years, and your arm might all but fall off. Imagine post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, as that jug of water. As it becomes an increasingly heavy burden for one individual to carry, cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatment become necessary in order to set these burdens down.

Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs in those who have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event.

It is a psychiatric disorder that presents itself not only in veterans of war but also in those who have experienced abuse, survived an accident or lived through a natural disaster. It may even occur in those who have been exposed to repeated horrors in their line of work, such as a police officer seeing death and abuse in his or her field.

People with PTSD tend to exhibit unique, yet similar symptoms. Along with symptoms that are not as readily visible to the outsider, such as flashbacks, uncontrollable thoughts, severe anxiety, distrust, depression, and nightmares, there are outward signs that you can look out for in yourself or in your loved one who may be suffering from PTSD. These behaviors include isolation, avoidance of certain situations or people, hyper-vigilance, agitation over triggering stimuli, and self-destructive behavior.

These events can affect you both emotionally and physically. You may avoid doing things or find it difficult to sleep with recurring fearful memories. Our therapists can help you start healing and find peace from these debilitating symptoms.

Recovery is possible

At Great Lakes Psychology Group, we understand the heavy burdens of PTSD. With hundreds of therapists skilled in the field of PTSD counseling, it is our mission to help you set those burdens down. The more you practice how to cope with stress, the more ready you will be ready to pick it back up when necessary.

Great Lakes Psychology Group of Okemos aims not to rid you of your past, but to equip you with the tools necessary to lessen the harmful effects of PTSD. As part of our philosophy of support, healing, and solutions, we invite you to book a no-obligation appointment today. We offer private waiting rooms, next-day scheduling, evening and weekend appointments, various psychological assessments, and individualized PTSD counseling at all of our locations.

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