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Anxiety Counseling in Southgate

Anxiety can keep you from living life to the fullest. Great Lakes Psychology Group’s network of therapists offer support to those suffering from anxiety.

Everyone feels anxious and fearful at times. In fact, some anxiety can be helpful; it can cue us to take action to protect ourselves from a threat. But when anxiety and fear are in overdrive, it no longer serves us. We begin to avoid situations that make us nervous, meaning we miss out on opportunities that we value.

For some, anxiety can also be associated with panic attacks. Many people who have experienced panic attacks report that during the attack, they believe they will die, or “go crazy.” It’s easy to see how recurrent panic attacks can quickly impair one’s ability to function in daily life.

Anxiety is Different for Everyone

Not everyone experiences anxiety in the same way. Some fear very specific things or situations, like heights or public speaking. Others experience worry that they find it difficult to control a number of situations. Maybe you worry that something bad will happen to you or someone you love. Maybe you worry that you’re unlikable, or flawed in some way.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Constant worry can be associated with uncomfortable symptoms like stomach problems, muscle tension, and tightness in the chest. Too often, anxiety holds people back from living a life that is in line with their goals and values. That’s the bad news. The good news? Anxiety and panic can be treatable with effective counseling. Trained therapists and psychologists from the Great Lakes Psychology Group network are here to help you take back control of your life.

Treatment For Anxiety

There is no need to continue to suffer from the devastating effects of anxiety. The expert therapists from the Southgate Great Lakes Psychology Group network are ready to help you alleviate your symptoms so that you may resume a manageable life. If you seek relief from anxiety and fear, make an appointment today. We are ready to help you manage your mental health.

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