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Depression Counseling in Southgate

Comparing depression to being sad is like comparing a puddle to the ocean.

Depression is deep. It is isolating. It is a monster that many find difficult to conquer alone. If you are seeking professional help, you are already on the right track to defeating your depression and regaining control over your life again. Our experienced depression therapists at Great Lakes Psychology Group are here to help.

Depression is classified as a mood disorder that affects your emotions, behaviors, thoughts, relationships, and ability to function at work or school.

Signs of Depression

Depression looks different for everyone. Signs that you may be depressed include low mood or irritability, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, changes in sleep and appetite, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, and thoughts of death.

Get the Help You or a Loved One Needs

Help is available. Great Lakes Psychology Group in Southgate, Michigan offers highly trained therapists and counselors who specialize in depression. We offer private waiting areas and online appointment booking for your convenience and privacy. We know that every day is a new battle for those suffering from depression. Reach out to us today for a next-day appointment. We have night and weekend availability as well to fit any schedule.

For Depression Counseling and more, call us at 800-693-1916 or find a location near you.