Marriage Counseling in Troy

We understand: your marriage is the foundation of your emotional life, and when it’s in crisis, it feels like a huge burden that affects all of your daily activities.

Conveniently located just south of M-59 on Rochester Rd, the marriage counselors from the Great Lakes Psychology Group network offer a solution that can rejuvenate your marriage. Great Lakes Psychology Group uses Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy—an approach that has been scientifically-proven effective in up to 90% of couples. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy aims to understand the unique dynamics and issues in each relationship, unlike the common one-size-fits-all “skill building” methods utilized by many counseling programs. Don’t let another week or month slip by living less than your best life. The fulfillment gained from a healthy, happy relationship is a cornerstone to that satisfaction.

If you’ve felt or said any of the following statements, sessions with Great Lakes Psychology Group could be a positive, life-changing option for you:

  • “I feel miserable in this relationship.”
  • “He/she never listens to me and doesn’t understand.”
  • “I feel trapped and dissatisfied.”
  • “I miss the early days of our relationship, and don’t feel like we’re as close anymore.”

There is hope.

You may think your relationship can’t work, you chose the wrong person, or it can never be what you crave. The truth is that all relationships require work and communication to make them successful in the long run, and marriage counseling offers a positive, focused way to facilitate this. It is possible to stop being trapped by the same old fights and to develop new ways of relating to your partner that create understanding, emotional security, and intimacy. You just need a little help.

Find fulfillment.

The therapists of Great Lakes Psychology Group’s network are passionate about the process of strengthening relationships, healing past wounds, and helping couples grow a love to last a lifetime. We help you and your partner to you work through the emotional gridlock that is inevitable in every relationship, and to find solutions that nurture your relationship in a communicative & proactive way.

Change is possible.

Our approach digs below the surface of your struggles to find the underlying dynamics that are driving destructive patterns within the relationship. Momentous change is possible once we expose those dynamics and form solutions to communicate effectively, relieve persistent tension, resolve conflict, and proactively strengthen the bonds of love. A deeper level of connection and intimacy is possible through marriage counseling with our network of therapists in Troy.

To get started creating a more satisfying life together, contact us at 800-693-1916.

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