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Why refer your patients to GLPG?

Easy referrals, streamlined coordination of care, and partners in complete healthcare.

Matchmaking made 

Hundreds of therapists with a wide variety of specializations means we can find the right therapist for your patient.

Insurance accepted & flexible payment plans.

With most health insurance plans accepted and flexible payment plan options available, therapy is attainable and affordable.

considerations returning to in office therapy

Online & In-person 

Multiple office locations and online therapy available throughout multiple states.

Streamlined, secure coordination of care procedures.

Our therapists prioritize coordination of care with physicians to ensure the best treatment possible for patients.

How It Works

Simple and Secure Coordination of Care

The demand for mental healthcare providers has skyrocketed in recent years, making it more difficult for therapy-seekers to find a right-fit provider with availability. Consequently, healthcare providers who wish to refer a patient to a therapist find themselves with a tall task: locating a best-fit provider who takes their patient’s insurance and has availability for new appointments.

Let GLPG scheduling experts take care of finding the best-fit therapist for your patient. Referring a patient to GLPG will save you time and give you peace of mind that your patient is in good hands.

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  • 1

    A physician refers their patient to us (or the patient finds us on their own)

  • 2

    The patient either consents or denies consent for their therapist to coordinate care with their physician.

  • 3

    With the patient's consent, the therapist will complete a coordination of care form detailing their assessment, any diagnoses made, and recommendations, wll be securely transmitted via fac to the physician's office.