Coordination of Care at GLPG

At Great Lakes Psychology Group, we understand and emphasize the importance of coordinating care with primary care physicians.

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Coordination of care letters are extremely important from both clinical and practice development perspectives. We know that consistent coordination of care with behavioral health providers is a major concern of physicians, and thus we have created our CoC system to allow for simple, concise and functional coordination.

Coordination of care is important, of course, from a treatment perspective as many of our patients are being prescribed psychotropic medications by their primary care physicians or have ongoing medical issues that may be important in their therapy.

When we send CoC forms:

  • The referral came directly from a physician
  • The patient is taking psychotropic medications
  • The patient reports medical concerns that their PCP should be made aware of
  • The patient has listed their PCP on the Consent form and granted permission for coordination of care

At intake, new patients’ Consent forms are reviewed to see if they have granted permission for coordination of care with their PCP. If they have, our therapists will send a CoC form, as most physicians prefer to be updated on the involvement of other professionals in their patients’ care.

All patient information entered into the secure online form is transmitted securely to GLPG front office staff.

The sharing of patient information across providers treating the same patient is widely acknowledged as necessary to effective and appropriate care. This need was acknowledged in regulations governing the privacy of individually identifiable health information under the authority of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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