Why Refer Patients to GLPG for Behavioral Health? Great Lakes Psychology Group

Why Refer Patients to GLPG for Behavioral Health?

In order to provide the most comprehensive, effective care for our patients, we offer collaborative care between our therapists and our patients’ physicians to ensure continued treatment.


1. Better Treatment Outcomes:

By addressing behavioral problems in patients, there is a statistically greater chance that their overall treatment will be more successful. In order for a patient to heal, both physical and mental ailments need to be dealt with.

2. Coordination of Care:

Coordinating care between our therapists and patients’ PCPs is extremely important at GLPG. We understand the benefits that PCPs and patients gain from a collaborative approach to care. Allowing you to retain your patients while finding healthy solutions to the problems they face through collaboration and coordination is an ongoing commitment we value.

3. Preventative Healthcare:

If physicians, communities and families can intervene early, behavioral health disorders might be prevented, or symptoms can be mitigated. Statistics have shown that early intervention, specifically, coordinated, specialized services offered during or shortly after the first episode of psychosis are effective for improving clinical and functional outcomes. A comprehensive approach to behavioral health also means seeing prevention as part of an overall continuum of care.

4. Easier Treatment of Difficult Patients:

More than 90% of visits to PCPs are related to psychosocial issues. One-quarter of adults experience a mental illness in a given year, and more than half receive no treatment, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Integrating mental health care into a treatment plan may likely be the necessary step to easing a particularly difficult patient.

5.  It’s the Right Thing to Do:

As a physician, treating a patient’s ailments comes first. However, without the proper expertise, time, or resources you may not be able to provide adequate care to a struggling patient with behavioral health needs. Referring your patient ensures they will receive the level of care they deserve. It is appropriate to feel reassured that you made the right decision to refer to a specialist who is willing to collaborate further care of the patient.


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