Do I Need Counseling?


Maybe you have never been to counseling, and haven’t considered it as the first step to take to improve your life. Ask yourself:

Are you feeling stuck with a specific issue, whether it be something you keep bringing up in your mind or conversations, and you just cannot seem to forget it?

Or does something keep you feeling a certain way and it keeps rearing its ugly head?

Or does a particular behavior or action you find yourself doing over and over again, putting you in a rut?

Then you might want to consider counseling. With the help of counseling, you can learn how to live beyond the issues you are facing, and learn how to minimize their influence on your life moving forward.

Or, maybe you have considered counseling, and figured that it your own coaching would be just as effective and less costly. Ask yourself:

Or, have you ever set goals for yourself regarding this particular issue and yet you continue to feel stuck?

You have tried to ignore it, and it keeps reappearing?

Or have you ever tried to cut this issue out of your life yet it continues to resurface?

Have your goals regarding this issue simply been met with constant unsuccessful attempts, despite repeating patterns to consciously change them?

Then counseling will be helpful for you. In counseling, you will learn specific techniques and skill sets that will help you turn the volume down or actually get rid of these negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These techniques will also be useful in other aspects of your life, as well.

In counseling, you will have someone to share with who is non- judgmental, actively listens and will co-journey with you in a safe environment. Your counselor will focus on manageable solutions, not just the problems you are facing.