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Feeling alone, sad, anxious, or otherwise uncomfortable with your life?

Whether it is due to stress, frustration, financial concerns, loneliness, disappointment or transition, many individuals will experience difficult times in their life which leads to a greater need for support and mental health resources. For some individuals, these resulting symptoms may be new, for others they may be long-standing. Whatever the case, therapy is a place that can help you find the support and resources that you need to be at your best.

Common Reasons for Individual Therapy

Experiencing a traumatic life event Feeling overwhelmed In need professional guidance Loneliness Physical or mental illness symptoms To cultivate a positive self-image

No one should be without an outlet for help.

Individual therapy is a great way to gain insight into what may be holding you back and how to overcome it. Our network of therapists and psychologists are here for you whether you’re suffering from a mental health disorder, in need of a psychological assessment, or just want someone to talk to.

Did you know?

Nearly 60% of adults with mental health issues do not receive treatment. Young adults, ages 18 to 25 have higher rates of mental illness than any other age group. Your age, gender, diagnosis, and previous therapy do not predict treatment outcomes, each session is a new opportunity to grow.

Individual therapy is often sought for the following:

Should you see a therapist? If you identify with any of these, book an appointment today:

  • Do you have a bad habit you can’t seem to shake, no matter how hard you try?
  • Do have a hard time falling asleep because you can’t stop worrying about things?
  • Do you feel like your relationship is in jeopardy?
  • Do you struggle with personal and professional relationships and feeling connected to people?
  • Has your emotional life started to affect your daily activities?

Seeing a counselor can help you feel…

  • More connected to those you care about, like family and friends.
  • In control of how you react to change and challenges.
  • Equipped to handle issues in your relationship or marriage.
  • Able to overcome old issues and prevent future problems.
  • Calm and comfortable with who you are and how you interact with the world.

Should you decide to contact us, you have our assurance that your inquiry will be handled promptly and confidentially. Please read “Things to consider before seeking help at a psychology clinic” for more information about how we strive to make your experience at GLPG as private and comfortable as possible.

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    Once you’ve decided to find a therapist, the last thing you want to do is spend hours searching for the right one and days waiting for a call back. We get it. We’re passionate about simplifying the process of getting started with therapy so that you can start feeling better as soon as possible.

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    • Insurance Accepted
    • Flexible Payment Plans
    • Online Therapy Available