Therapist Spotlight

09Nov 2017

What do you specialize in? I specialize in helping couples and individuals work through relationship issues, to aid in overcoming conflict, marital or dating dissatisfaction, dysfunctional patterns, and ineffective communication. Additionally, I specialize in working with people going through a significant and/or difficult life transitions, as well as individuals experiencing anxiety and substance use issues. […]

07Nov 2017

What do you specialize in? I am experienced in working with people who suffer from bipolar, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, grief, addictions, personality disorders and relationship problems.   What do you think is important about your role as a therapist? The therapist role is not only important in assisting clients process thoughts and feelings; but […]

18Aug 2017

As a therapist at our Clinton Twp location, what challenges do you specialize in treating? I specialize in two major areas, helping individuals overcome Anxiety Disorders and related mental health difficulties, as well as helping couples overcome marital dissatisfaction, conflict, and co-dependency. What do you find is most important about your role as a therapist? The most […]