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What does it mean if my therapist has a supervisor?

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Let’s say your therapist has just informed you that they are under the supervision of another therapist. Here we’ll talk about what it means for a therapist to be in supervision, and the implications of this for you – the client.

What is clinical supervision?

All therapists will need to complete a certain number of supervised therapy hours in order to obtain their independent license. But even more established therapists will sometimes seek out supervision or consultation with a more experienced therapist when they want to learn new therapeutic skills or work through specific challenges.

Is my therapy still confidential?

Therapy with a supervised therapist will look and feel the same as it would otherwise. Your therapist’s supervisor will not be in the therapy room with you. Nor will your sessions be recorded in any way. 

When your therapist is in supervision, all this means is that your therapist will meet with their supervisor – typically another therapist with more experience – to develop their diagnostic skills, practice intervention strategies, work through ethical questions, and more.

Your therapist may discuss aspects of your therapy with their supervisor. However, just as your therapist is held to the ethical standard of confidentiality, so is their supervisor. This means that anything discussed between your therapist and their supervisor stays between them, and it will not be disclosed to anyone else unless you are at risk of danger to yourself or others.

If you have concerns about your therapist discussing you with their supervisor, you’re encouraged to discuss this with your therapist.

Are there benefits to seeing a therapist who is under supervision? 

Yes! Here a just a few examples of how clinical supervision for therapists can benefit clients:

  • Supervision allows therapists the opportunity to hear a different perspective, which often leads to deeper insights and more creative interpretations and interventions. 
  • Therapists under supervision are held accountable by their supervisors to implement evidence-based interventions, uphold ethical standards, and more. 
  • Clinical supervision is highly sought-after, and therapists pay their supervisors for their valuable input and guidance. Therapists cover the cost of their supervision at no added expense to their clients. 

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