Therapist Spotlight: Janice Dickerson, LMSW Great Lakes Psychology Group
Therapist Spotlight

Therapist Spotlight: Janice Dickerson, LMSW

Therapistspot Janice Dickerson Lmsw

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in life transitions. I work with children, adolescents, and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, marital concerns, family changes, and other life changes. I implement Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my practice and have a person-centered approach. I have experience treating a variety of different issues.

What do you think is important about your role as a therapist?

With my role as a therapist, I believe it is important to provide my clients with a safe and compassionate space to work through life transitions. I want clients to be able to gain insight and explore solutions to any problems or difficulties.

How do you help people, in your opinion?

I help people by providing them with a safe space. I want to empower people and provide them with support as they go through different life changes or difficulties. I help people by letting them know they’re heard and letting them know they’re respected.

What is something that you wish people knew about your specialty, or about therapy in general?

I wish people knew that therapy will help them! I wish people knew that a lot of the stigmas about mental illness are starting to become a thing of the past – slowly but surely. There is help out there and the time to receive it is right now!

Name an influential person or experience in your life.

An influential experience in my life would have to be my upbringing with my brother with Down Syndrome. A reason I got into social work is because of the people in his life that would guide my family through various life changes with him. They inspired me and showed me that there are people out there that listen and care. It has been about six years since he has passed and I still keep in contact with his social workers/teachers. They have provided my family with so much respect and care that I have made it my mission to provide that same respect and care to my clients.

Janice Dickerson LMSW is located at our Great Lakes Psychology Group – Livonia office. To learn more about Janice, please visit her therapist profile.