Therapist Spotlight: Kısa McKinney, MA, LMFT Great Lakes Psychology Group
Therapist Spotlight

Therapist Spotlight: Kısa McKinney, MA, LMFT

Therapistspotlight Kisa Mckinney, Ma, Lmft

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in relationships and LGBTQ issues.

What do you think is important about your role as a therapist?

I think my role as a therapist is important as a nonjudgmental and open person/space where people can reflect aloud and discover important insights about themselves.

How do you help people, in your opinion?

I think that I most help people by taking what they perceive on the surface as their problem and redirecting or refocusing attention on what lies underneath to support that problem, helping them reach the source of the issue.

What is something you wish people knew about your specialty, or about therapy in general?

I wish people knew that therapy does not consist of therapists giving advice to their clients, but rather helping clients discover internal and external resources available to resolve issues and promote personal growth.

Name an influential person or experience in your life.

The loss of my mother was probably the most profound experience I’ve had in life. After her passing, I sought answers in seminary and learned that my hard questions were valid and worth exploring. I don’t have the market cornered on how to live or be the best version of myself, but I know that asking questions and seeking depth in my experiences is a legitimate way of living a vibrant life.