Therapist Spotlight: Reema Beri, Ph.D. Great Lakes Psychology Group
Therapist Spotlight

Therapist Spotlight: Reema Beri, Ph.D.

Therapist Reema Beri

Get to know Reema Beri, Ph.D.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in working with individuals experiencing anxiety and depression, as well as with parents struggling with parenting their children. More importantly, I enjoy working with people who don’t just want to cope with life, but with those who want to thrive. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve and live the life they have always dreamed of, no matter what that may look like.

What do you think is important about your role as a therapist?

One thing that is important in my role as a therapist is to instill a sense of hope in my clients…without hope for a better future or life, change cannot occur.

How do you help people, in your opinion?

I help people by using a diverse set of therapy techniques, such as CBT and mindfulness practice. Mostly, though, I prefer to base specific techniques on my client’s particular needs. I believe therapy is a journey that the client walks on, and my purpose as a therapist is to be there walking next to them. At times, I am the guide, and at other times, they are. In this way, just as each individual’s journey is unique, the path that we take will be similarly unique.

What is something that you wish people knew about your specialty, or about therapy in general?

One thing I wish people knew about therapy is that transformation is possible, but only through the active work and participation of the client. I have no magic cure – change comes from action, either in thought, feeling or behavior. However, despite the “work” needed by the client, therapy can be one of the most fulfilling and life-changing experiences of a client’s life.

Name an influential person or experience in your life.

I firmly believe in the power of showing by doing, and not simply showing by talking. Therefore, just as I have witnessed the transformative experience of therapy for my clients, I too have experienced this in my own life. My own therapy journey has given me a greater understanding of myself, helped me become more present in my everyday life and with the people I love, and generally changed my entire worldview. My experience in my own therapy has been one of the most influential of my life.

Reema Beri is located at our Great Lakes Psychology Group – Novi office. Learn more about Reema here.