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    Our payment plan options take convenience and flexibility to a whole new level. We’ve got you covered whether you’d like to use insurance or pay out-of-pocket for our counseling services.

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    39425 Garfield, Suite 23 Clinton Township, MI 48038
    Phone: (800) 693-1916 Fax: (248) 605-3525


    If you or a loved one live in the Clinton Township area and are experiencing depression or anxiety, marital dissatisfaction, behavioral and learning problems, substance abuse, PTSD, or simply feel the need to speak to a counselor, we’re here to help. You’re not alone- our therapists are highly qualified and ready to help with a variety of issue, with schedules that can accommodate most people. Our local counseling office is at 39425 Garfield Rd Suite 23 Clinton Twp. MI 48038.

    At Great Lakes Psychology Group, we offer competent and skilled psychologists, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists.  Feel free to schedule an appointment online or call us today at (800) 693-1916 to ask us any questions you may have about your first counseling session. We are here to make sure our patients are provided the highest quality of compassionate care, in complete confidentiality.  Contact us today, and get started on the road to a better you.


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    39425 Garfield, Suite 23 Clinton Township, MI 48038
    Phone: (800) 693-1916 Fax: (248) 605-3525

    Our Clinton Township Therapists Specialize in These Areas

    Does it feel like you and your partner have the same arguments over and over? Is it hard to believe that the two of you are the same people you were when you got married? Romantic relationships are complicated. They bring with them intense emotions that are difficult to navigate and can come between you and your partner.

    At Great Lakes Psychology Group, we believe that strengthening the bond between you and your partner is not only possible, but a crucial step in improving your lives as a couple and as individuals. Make the commitment to improve your marriage and your lives today.

    More information about couples counseling at Great Lakes Psychology Group:

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    Maintaining a cohesive family unit is difficult. While juggling the various demands of modern living, it can feel almost impossible to keep the family dynamic in good health. Many families face these challenges, but few seek help. Meeting with a family therapist is not an indication of weakness; instead, it is in indication that you care deeply about the well-being of your family.

    Family therapists at GLPG understand this, and they will work patiently with you and your family to help you reach your goals. Make an appointment today to start your family’s journey toward a better life together.

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    Parenting brings with it a slew of challenges no matter how old your children are or what difficulties they face. You want to be the best parent you can be for your kids, but sometimes it feels impossible to juggle everything. Talking to your loved ones about your struggles might bring with it feelings of shame. Parenting experts at GLPG take a non-judgmental stance toward offering you parenting help; we understand that parenting is difficult and all parents face their own challenges. Take the first step toward a better life for you and your kids. Make an appointment with a competent therapist today.

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    If you are considering seeking therapy after experiencing trauma, you are making the brave choice to take your life back. Among other difficulties, traumatic stress can get in the way of your ability to feel safe, which can make it extremely difficult to live a fulfilling life. The good news is that traumatic stress is treatable, and with expert trauma therapists at GLPG, you’re in good hands. Make an appointment to begin your journey of healing today.

    For more information visit our PTSD page.

    Do you find that you rarely feel content, let alone experience positive emotions? Are there places or situations you avoid out of fear? Is your inner-monologue plagued with negative attributions of yourself or the world around you? If this sounds familiar, you are already aware that the symptoms of depression and/or anxiety make it extremely difficult to be your best self. Talking with a therapist is an effective way to experience relief from these symptoms and live a more fulfilling life. Don’t go another day living like this -- make an appointment with an effective therapist at GLPG today.

    Learn more by reading: Depression Counseling, Anxiety Counseling.

    Having an addiction most likely means you find it difficult to think about or put your energy toward almost anything else. Maybe this means your relationships are in turmoil, your work has been affected, or your finances are strained. The sooner you seek help for your struggles with addiction, the more likely you will be able to stay above water. Don’t wait -- make an appointment with an addiction specialist at GLPG today.

    More information on Substance Abuse

    There aren’t enough hours in the day. People are counting on you and it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Chronic stress can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. Seeking therapy to combat your stress can be a major first step in your journey toward self-care. When your stress is better managed, you are more available to live a more fulfilling life. Make an appointment. Make a change.