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Most clinicians participate with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Care Network
  • Aetna
  • Cofinity
  • HAP
  • Medicare
  • Value Options
  • Health Plus
  • Cigna
  • United Behavioral Health
  • And many more
  • * We are unable to accept Medicaid.

    How We Make Counseling Affordable

    Our payment plan options take convenience and flexibility to a whole new level. We’ve got you covered whether you’d like to use insurance or pay out-of-pocket for our counseling services.

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      1 Heritage Pl #520, Southgate, MI 48195, USA

      Phone: (800) 693-1916    Fax: (248) 605-3525

      Our southernmost office in Metro Detroit provides a wide range of counseling services with multiple therapists to ensure you find the right fit. Now, you or your loved one can get the help you need in a local office. This location is just 9 miles south of Detroit and is located at 1 Heritage Place, Suite 520, Southgate, MI 48195. It offers appointments during any time of day, including evenings and weekends, to fit any schedule.

      Our fully-licensed therapists cover a variety of problem areas that encompass a philosophy of holistic and compassionate treatment methods. Whether you are seeking individual, relationship, or family counseling services, we offer options to diagnose and treat all presenting problems that come our way.

      We accept most insurance plans and have flexible payment plans available.

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      Rita White, L.M.S.W., C.S.W.
      Patrick S. Murphy, PhD
      Dustin Marsh, Psy.D.
      Andrea Gibbs MA/LPC/SW
      Michael Lagrou, LMSW, CAADC

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      Map of our Southgate Office

      1 Heritage Pl #520, Southgate, MI 48195
      Phone: (800) 693-1916    Fax: (248) 605-3525

      Great Lakes Psychology Group’s highly skilled therapists specialize in these areas and more:

      Bring your spouse or partner to our newest location in Southgate, MI to work through relationship conflicts. Working with our skilled marriage therapists is the first step in resolving underlying relationship issues and exploring the dynamics of your marriage. We offer professional marital advice, objective conflict resolution, and emotionally focused therapy to strengthen your bond with your loved one.

      More information about couples counseling at Great Lakes Psychology Group:

      Are there unresolved conflicts within your family that seem to repeat themselves no matter what you try? Great Lakes Psychology Group specializes in family counseling to mend the affected pillars of a strong and happy family, such as broken trust, resentment, conflicting belief systems, and more.

      Raising a child is no easy task. In fact, it can seem downright impossible at times. Our state-licensed therapists at GLPG aim to provide struggling parents with the tools, guidance, and knowledge to become fully equipped for parenthood. Parent counseling is done in a non-judgmental and unbiased setting; with two-way communication and respect for every parenting style.

      Some of the topics we address at our Southgate office are:

      • Child Behavioral Problems
      • Evaluation and Treatment of ADD/ADHD
      • Symptoms of ADD/ADHD
      • Anti-Bullying Coping Strategies

      If you or a loved one has experienced a traumatic event that leaves behind unwanted and stressful memories, our trauma therapists are here to help. Through proven approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, we can help you cope with your trauma and regain control of your life.

      For more information visit our PTSD page.

      Many people who suffer from depression and/or anxiety believe it is something they need to just accept about themselves. On the contrary, meeting with a therapist at our Southfield office can greatly improve one’s mood and sense of calm and stability. Depression and anxiety specialists at Great Lakes Psychology Group are highly trained and effective at treating depression and anxiety. You don’t need to feel this way forever - contact us today to make an appointment.

      Learn more by reading: Depression Counseling, Anxiety Counseling.

      Later life brings with it a list of challenges that can be difficult to manage. Great Lakes Psychology Group in Southfield offers highly trained therapists who specialize in treating older populations facing a wide range of difficulties. Contact us today to make an appointment.

      If you suffer from chronic pain, you may be feeling helpless, scared, and frustrated. Trained chronic pain specialists at Great Lakes Psychology Group in Southfield will offer you the support you need to ride the waves of pain instead of getting caught in the undertow. To get started toward a better future, contact us today.